Women are under-represented economically, socially, and politically. Just 6.1% of current world leaders are women. We want to work towards a more fair and equal society by addressing this imbalance through opening up opportunities and supporting women with their progression.

The Centre for Human Development ensures women have access to the support and opportunities they need. From starting their own business, climbing the career ladder, or taking the first steps into politics, we are here to support women in achieving their goals.

We help women to believe in themselves by providing them with support and helping them to develop the skills they need. By rebuilding their skills and building their confidence, we see the women we support start to make a real impact in their career, the community, and in the political landscape.

Through training, mentoring, and networking, we support women in economic, social, and political advancement. Whether they need the advice to set up their own business, want to be more involved in the local community, or are looking to further their education, our programme has already empowered many women to achieve their goals.

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The Centre for Human Development is a non-profit organisation. If you would like to get involved there are plenty of ways to help.

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By investing with us you will help many women achieve their goals and bring us closer to a more equal and fair society.

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If you have expertise and skills that you can share with our entrepreneurs, then we would love to hear from you.

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We love working with other organisations to help the local community. Speak to us about partnership working.

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