Find out how we can support your professional development through our many workshops and training programmes.

We help women in London and around the UK to achieve their career goals. Whether you have a business idea you want to develop, need to refresh your skills after a career break or want to take your career in a new direction, we can put together a programme of support to help you.


Our experienced facilitators provide training to women on building capacity, skill development, income generation, employment skills and vocational training. So far, the CHD has provided training to more than 12,000 women, helping them to move forward in their chosen career.

We have workshops covering topics such as:

  • Employability: Supporting women to write CVs and cover letters and build a relationship with NARIC.
  • Digital: In the last year we trained over 128 women in the safe and secure use of digital platforms.
  • Creative Writing: Delivered by award-winning professionals, our creative writing workshops help women develop their creative skills.
  • Public Speaking: Supporting women to present themselves confidently in front of an audience. Our public speaking workshops bring together women from different backgrounds to learn and debate with each other in a creative and safe environment.